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Cloud-based Digital Signage Software

With an Intuitive CMS

viewneo Digital Signage Content Management System / Easy to use online content designer
viewneo Digital Signage Content Management System / Easy to use online content designer
viewneo Digital Signage Content Management System / Easy to use online content designer
viewneo Digital Signage Content Management System / Easy to use online content designer

From classic digital signage to sensor-based customer experience installations. With only a few clicks you are able to integrate all extentions in the content management system. Individualize viewneo toward your needs.

Why viewneo?

Because great experiences go beyond the screen

viewneo is more than just interactive Digital Signage: We’re about shaping digital experiences.

By integrating our modular system of hardware and software tools, with our IoT solutions, you can take your customer’s experience to the next level. Because creating digital experiences should be available to everyone.

Get Your Idea on any Screen

A Digital Signage Software with Unlimited Possibilities

By consolidating all of your content in one place, viewneo lets you distribute and control everything remotely. So whether you are looking for: digital signage for retail, restaurants, hotels, or anything else you can imagine, we can make it happen. Just upload your content, determine the playback order, and get started.

From single messages to AI-based Customer Experience.

Modular Digital Signage System

Expand Your Content to Meet Your Needs

Customize your Digital Signage network with viewneo Plugins. Display everything from the local weather, web pages to video wall displays with viewneo. Easily integrate your social media channels and show photography walls or feeds from Instagram, Twitter or Facebook.

Our simple, drag and drop content management system along with a range of different Plugins, allows you to personalize the digital experience for your customers and visitors.

Digital Signage Hardware for interactive experiences

Digital Signage Player, AI & IoT Solutions

viewneo 4K SignageBox

Easy installation, crisp results: With the viewneo 4K SignageBox, you can get your content quickly and easily up and running.

viewneo 4K SignageBox

viewneo Diwa

Refresh your customer communication and enhance your ambiance with a centralized digital network.

viewneo Diwa

viewneo Butler

Let the viewneo Butler assist you by acting as the control center for all of the sensors and receptors associated with the viewneo system.

viewneo Butler

viewneo FR-Cam

The viewneo FR-Cam captures faces and measures data like age and gender which can be used as a trigger to play targeted group-specific content.

viewneo FR-Cam

viewneo Smart Line: sensor-based technology

Move Beyond Digital Signage with viewneo IoT solutions

Create real interactive digital experiences by using sensors (motion and ultrasonic), actuators, power sockets, NFC pads, and RFID chips in connection with viewneo. Digital Experiences come alive when connected with platforms like IFTTT, ThingSpeak, or Zapier.

viewneo is compatible with all devices and systems which use Zigbee HA, such as, Philips Hue and many others.

viewneo is used by 20,000+ happy users in over 150 countries

Here's what some of them had to say:

viewneo was exactly the right choice for us, because of the additional content [...]it is quite simple and, above all, fast.

Nicole Henn, Brand ManagementCafetiero

As a non-tech savvy person, I was initially somewhat skeptical [...]. But viewneo really taught me, that I was wrong!

Jenny Strähle, Estate AgentCentury 21 MS Real Estate

We have tried products from other competitors, but none of them was as easy to use as viewneo. We love it!

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Additional helpful information

viewneo is a system consisting of digital signage software and hardware, that allow the user to play any digital content, such as, pictures or videos on any monitor or TV screen (Digital Signage).

All content and its playback behavior can be controlled by a cloud-based content management system.

In order to display content, a player (viewneo player) connected to a monitor is required. In addition to TV screens, larger displays such as LED walls or video walls consisting of several monitors are also suitable to use as displays.

  1. You'll need to create a viewneo user account for content management.
  2. One or more Digital Signage Media Player (e.g. viewneo 4K SignageBox), connected to the Internet via WiFi or LAN. Alternatively, 1 tablet PC (Android), iPad (IOS). In this case, no screen is required.
  3. One or more Display(s): TV screen, monitor but also video wall, video projector or others

As a new user, you can test digital signage software viewneo for 30 days including all features and viewneo Plugins. Simply create a new account to get started with your free trial.

One License allows you to use one device (player / screen).

You can end your viewneo subscription at any time. Just click the “Unsubscribe” button in your account, and you're out.

It's just as easy as that! Easy and absolutely hassle-free.

We pride ourselves here at viewneo on constantly evolving and developing new products, Plugins. These extensions allow you to customize your content, so that it fits your needs perfectly.

Plugins allow you to add additional features in the Content Management System. We offer a wide variety of Plugins, so that there is something out there for everyone. We clearly indicate which Plugins are free and which require an additional charge.

All plugins are accessible within the viewneo CMS and can be tested, purchased and used there.

Get an overview of our plugins here.

Yes! With viewneo you can also operate video walls. How many viewneo players do you need to create a video wall? In order to install a video wall, or different screens that are installed close to each other displaying the same content, one viewneo player is enough.

Using an HDMI splitter, the screens can be connected and the signal is distributed synchronously on the different screens. If you want to install a video wall, the corresponding video wall monitors already have a distribution function on board.

This is called DVI or DP daisy chain. Here you connect the player with the first screen and then the signal is routed through the corresponding connections. Now you just have to make the respective settings on the screen to set it to video wall.

We are also excited to announce that we have made building a video wall even easier with our latest Screen Sync Plugin. You can get more information under the Plugin section.

viewneo starts from $18 per month/per player.

Create a free account and test viewneo including all features for 30 days.

Afterwards, you benefit from our highly flexible system: Add or remove optional features and plugins at any time.